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Jill Fairweather, Founder

I have always been involved in new endeavor after new endeavor, many at the same time. As a youngster, there was gymnastics, softball, unicycle, French horn and a paper route. Continually delving into my newest passion with enthusiasm, I have accomplished many things. Working through a variety of different industries, I've met a lot of people and processes. I've always worked in service roles – volunteer, customer service, retail, admin, waitress, trainer, office manager, operations, inside and outside sales. As I got close to receiving my Bachelor’s Degree, I suddenly realized that I would end up with "only" a full time job! That is when I was recruited into Real Estate and have been since 1997. In the Real Estate industry, I quickly ended up a workaholic. During a mid-life crisis I discovered my psychic gifts and my true spirituality. It was something that for the first time felt like it had no pressing goal, and made me feel more normal than I ever had. This amazing discovery has pulled me toward my true calling. Since then I slowed down to smell the roses, something that others close to me had always wanted me to do! It has given me the power to accomplish even more, helping people more deeply than I ever have.


"I went to Jill for my first ever reading and it was a great experience! She has a way of making you instantly feel comfortable and at ease. The insights I gained from the reading have proven very important, and have given me a sense of clarity about the direction in which my life is headed. There is no doubt that Jill has many gifts!"

- Winston J. Rochester, MN

"I just wanted to thank you again for such an insightful reading. I met with my therapist today - first time since your reading. I told her the highlights of it and she was also impressed with your insights! We then did an EMDR session and what a powerful and traumatic childhood memory it brought up! I worked it through and feel much lighter. My session with you was the catalyst. I hope sharing this will push someone to look beyond conventional means for help. Again thanks so much!"

- Pat K. Buffalo, NY

"I just have to tell you how amazing our session was! Some of it was mind blowing. The 'reading' was a very deep spiritual healing for me. I have a better idea what my path is. Work is much easier and almost a fun game! I have had a release of pain. You are so fortunate to have such a gift. And I am so touched by my  grandparents coming through." 

-Joan, Spokane, WA

"Ever since I spoke with you the other day, I feel like the energy has totally shifted. It was funny to remember yesterday as I was driving, how different I felt just a few days ago."

-Aimee, Boston, MA

"Jill helped me enormously by helping me contact my husband’s spirit.  We were able to accomplish this successfully on two separate occasions.  This helped a great deal, as I know now that he is resting peacefully, is full of light, that his spirit will always be with me, all I have to do is ask.  Jill is a bright light, helping us to connect to our loved ones and to ourselves.  She is compassionate, heartfelt, kind and sincere and very good at what she does.  Thank you Jill for all that you have done for me!" 

- Elaine, Naples, FL

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