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The Earth is something we all share. Inhabitants must show respect for it, and share it's resources and abundance with each other. Be careful not to take, make or buy more than is needed. Try not to create more waste and toxins. We need to give back. The great news is that we can share unneeded items and resources with each other and save money in the process. One man's trash is another man's treasure. Dispose of toxic substances and electronics with care. The environment is also our surroundings, energetically and emotionally. Let's change the energy around us and envision a healthy and beautiful Earth. Do not try to escape it or look upon the Earth as a sad place.  It starts with you.

how you can do your part

Recycling recycling recycle any battery or portable electronic device please read about plastic, paper, and reusable bags!

Swapping / Sharing / Donating

Hyper Local Gifting Economy that exists to build community.
Everything shared on Buy Nothing is given freely. Gift. Ask. Gratitude. time exchange database
Homegoods...Donate used blankets/linens for the homeless swap books, CD's and DVD's
Clothing Swap - South Shore, MA - twice annually, Spring and Fall, click "join" tab to receive notification.

Organizations with an Earth-Centered Focus

Energetic Healing for our Planet Initiative to unite millions of people in heart-focused care and intention

Volunteering find a volunteer position

Online rain-forest saving search engine! Earth friendly fundraising

Local Farming and Food find local, sustainable, organic

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