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The Fairweather Center is always looking for quality wellness products at reasonable prices. Whether you suffer from dry or sensitive skin, need healthy snack alternatives, or want to clean up your home environment without harsh and harmful chemicals, we've got great news for you!

Since 2002, we've been big fans of a certain wellness products manufacturer*! Offering better than spa quality bath and body products and more. Most of their products contain Tea Tree Oil and other natural wonders. 

Dental, hair care, medicine cabinet items and everything else from this wellness company are out of this world. Safer than toxic chemicals, the cleaning products WORK GREAT & offer fresh and natural scents for your home. These highly concentrated products based on green concepts are terrific for your family and pets.

This wellness store is also our favorite place for vitamins, shakes, workout and protein bars. You'll fall in love with their candles too! 

*Click here to take a tour!     Jill's blog of real stories about the products!

You may order through us or you may have your own account which we'd be happy to set up for you!


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Send us your favorite wellness products and we may display them here on the Fairweather Wellness Center!

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