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Light Workers


The Fairweather Center is proud to recommend the following light workers and referrals:

Keep up with Jill and the rest of the Fairweather Center community. Jill's blog, "There's No Recipe" was the rebirth of a paper "zine" she began in 1996. "There's No Recipe" reminds each of us that we are all meant to create our own life, have unique thoughts and beliefs. "There's No Recipe" is now in the form of the Fairweather Center facebook page. Intended to provide musings, food for thought, inspiration, and will include Jill's writings as well as those that are sent to us. Inspired by Jill's maternal grandmother, Nana, it fulfills Jill's need to connect deeply with others and life on this planet through our human nature. Visit today and share it with your friends! 

There's No Recipe (Fairweather Center facebook page)


additional Resources Sign up for "Notes From The Universe" they are SO AWESOME!

Financial Help for Single Mothers

Misuse of Alcohol Resource

Recommended "spiritual" movie list:
Something Unknown is Doing we Don't know What
What the BLEEP Do We Know!?
What the Bleep!?: Down the Rabbit Hole

Into Great Silence 
The Shift
You Can Heal Your Life
The Celestine Prophecy
What Dreams May Come
Heaven Can Wait

The Green Beautiful

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